We love to make our customers happy, that's what makes them come back to us.

Who we are

Gema Creative Group is a collective of well established graphic designers, artists, web designers, architects and programmers who have come together with the aim to produce a unique designs solutions. Each designer has come from a commercial background, having proven themselves in a fast paced environment and brings with them a desire to create stunning artwork.

What we do

At Gema Creative Group, we provide the complete design, development and production solution. Our clients come to us for a variety of needs — from package, logo design and website design to dimensional architect projects. Whether the project is big or small we dedicate ourselves to provide the best service and most creative solution possible.

How we work

The first step in the process is introduction. Here we discuss the 3-C?s of marketing: your company, customers, and competition. We develop and understanding of your needs and what you are looking for to accomplish.

Once we have gotten to know you better, we then develop a series of design solutions for you to review and critique. Upon hearing your feedback we redevelop and refine our ideas until everything is perfect and you approve.

Finally, we enter into production if you desire us to. When it comes to print projects we handle all final setup at your request including: prepress work, press proofs, and final assembly all the way until the finished project lands at your doorstep.

Our process is efficient and fun. We can meet most any deadline on time, on target and within your budget.